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Modern Art

Here are some examples of Mom’s art installations around the house.  The creative mind never rests.

Mitten on a Plunger


Pinecone with Framing Elements
Four Squares, Folded and Balanced on a Stopper Stem




Fork Pot


Nut in Candleholder (paired with Pinecone)

Scary stuff

At approximately 3:30am I 1/2 woke from a light sleep.  The room was dark.  Before moving a muscle, I had that strange feeling that I wasn’t alone.  I couldn’t hear or see anything, just sensed that something was off.  I slowly turned my head to the left side of the bed and saw a slow moving silhouette leaning over my bed and slowly pulling away my covers.  Very startled and still 1/2 awake, I jumped.  The bedside figure then jumped.  I said “oh, you scared me”.  Mom didn’t miss a beat and exhaled “YOU scared ME!”.

Cleaning House

Mom had a paper plate next to her on the couch. The plate had some bits of food and crumbs on it. Mom picked up the plate and headed across the room. I was glad she was going to the kitchen to throw it out. But she wasn’t going to the kitchen. Instead Mom made a shorter trip, taking the plate over to the barrel-shaped fire implement holder, and tilted it and brushed the food into the implement holder. Then she brought the clean plate back to the couch, and carefully tucked it in behind the back of the couch cushion.

“Sleep Over Good-Byes”

When Jaime, Jeff and Tonja were leaving 206, they went into Mom and Dad’s bedroom to say goodbye to them, as they were still in bed.

Mom said to Jeff in a slightly aggravated tone; “What are you doing ?!?! We’re trying to get some sleep !!!”

As the 3 kids left the room, Jeff said “Whatever happened to waving goodbye in the driveway ?”